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What's your favourite muesli mix?


The muesli section of the neighbourhood grocery store is stocked with pre-packaged mixes of dried banana chips, apricots, hazelnuts, and raisins... the 'exotic' mixes may have sprinkles of coconut or chocolate nibs.  But how many of us have come across a muesli mix where each and every ingredient is equally delicious to our very own taste buds? At least one ingredient within a mix will be picked out piece by piece from your morning muesli bowl.  For me, it is always the banana chips...  Which ingredient do you pick out?


The concept at Muesli Matters. is simple: you can custom mix your very own muesli from a list of deliciously-yummy ingredients.  The end result:  a muesli mix uniquely yours ! 


Mix your way to that perfect start of your day!



What matters even more?


With every spoon of muesli you enjoy, you will be helping communities in Lao P.D.R.  All profits from Muesli Matters. will support development projects aimed to build the capacity of rural villages, helping them out of poverty. Your support will go directly to the villages; there are no large corporations, aid agencies or middlemen in between. Each project will be personally selected, based on my previous fieldwork, and supported until complete.  The profits will go towards such projects as the purchase of breeding cattle or water pumps, the construction of lavatories, or the building of human capacity through school gardens.


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